Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tillandsia ionantha in the south window

I got this Tillandsia ball a couple years ago as a gift from my mother. This is the second time it's bloomed. It's just a handful of individual plants glued? into a spherical shape. In the summer it goes outside and hangs amidst the summering orchids. When it cools off, I bring in and hang it on the baker's rack where the orchids winter. Sometimes it gets to hang on a branch of the Magnolia champaca in the same window. I run water over it once or twice a week and it seems perfectly happy. The Philadelphia Flower Show is coming up and there will be vendors selling loose Tillandsias. I wonder if any of the more exotic forms are tough, by which I suppose I mean xeric, enough to take a similar treatment. Have to do research.

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