Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look! My favorite background and my favorite native plant conference

The Lahr is coming up, Saturday March 26. Listen up; I've got a good perspective on it; I've been a staffer, a presenter, and an attendee. And you know what?....attendee is good. I'll be an attendee this year.

For the 25th anniversary the venue has changed. Because our Administration Building is being deconstructed and reconstructed, the Lahr will be held in Beltsville, Maryland at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. This is both good and bad: good because the facilities are larger and the vendors will be able to set up in a parking lot (they won't have to transport their wares great distances). Plus there's more parking and the site is easily accessible, less than a mile off the Washington Beltway. Bad because we won't be at the Arboretum where early Cherries will be flowering, and Magnolias, Serviceberries, and more. Still it's early and the week after Lahr will be a good week for a tour.

I've always felt that the potential audience for the Lahr was larger than the 170 people our auditorium holds. Every year there's a great lineup of speakers: it's always a tremendous program so it's good that more people will be able to take advantage of it. Allan Armitage, Carole Ottesen, Cole Burrell, Dr. Sulvan Kaufman, Scott LaFleur, and Jeremy West. Click for the brochure. Click for online registration.

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