Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Overwintering tropicals...it's close quarters but its better than being outside

Brad lured 'em in by telling them they'd be spending the winter in the tropics....well, now they're standing shoulder to shoulder on a concrete floor, but it's warm and humid and occasionally someone wanders in to admire them. And of course next year they'll be able to enjoy another Washington summer. Life isn't all bad.

I snuck in an anonymous "midnight donation" last week; a jewel orchid, Anoectochilus, that I'm finished torturing. I bought it three years ago at an NCOS show and it's had three leaves ever since.....not the same three by any means. I could see it heave a sigh of relief when I set it on the bench amongst its familial kin. I'll visit it regularly but it has defensively gone to a better place.

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