Monday, December 6, 2010

Acer palmatum 'Bihou'.....winter stem color (I'd like to take credit for this pruning job but a horny buck did it

We got this is an excellent small maple from Fred Hooks at All Things Acer. If it colors as it did last year it'll lose some of the red/orange and end up mostly yellow. We were disappointed when deer savaged this plant a couple of months ago. It actually looks like a pretty good pruning job; he exposed a wonderful trangular framework. The only problem is that one of those branches is only attached by a thread. And it wasn't really splicable. Well at this tender agie it'll be able to recover. Next fall though, I'm caging it.

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Tree Nursery Co said...

those deer just drives me insane. They get every nice tree I have myself. I love acer palmatums too. I've found some sea rope at the local famers market and I put 4 stake sup around my trees they loved to rub on and its stopped them in their track. Now they lick on the salt rope instead.