Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pachyveria glauca.....some plants are so easy to propagate we just throw leaves on a plate???

I went into Polyhouse 7 this afternoon looking for mums and noticed this...this plateful of succulent propagules.

The genus "Pachyveria" contains the crosses between Pachyphytum and Echeveria. Glauca is a pretty little plant with glaucous, go figure, stems and leaves whose ends are sort of faceted. I have no idea why we chose plate propagation, but it seems to have worked.

It's one of the first plants I ever grew. It was one of a collection of succulents that occupied a large shelf I build to extend the ledge of the south-facing window of my bedroom. I was 13. When I learned that it was possible to root every single leaf, I spread leaves throughout the collection.


isunshinei said...

I've tried laying my pachyveria glauca leaves out on a dish but unfortunately I haven't had luck. They form a black dot where it formerly connected to the stem and then eventually turns soft and yellow and ultimately rots out. This happened for 10 leaves. I have 10 more laying out for about a week with no roots right now. Do you have advice on what I can do such as light/watering. They are in the shade and not being watered at all.

ChrisU said...

Bright light with no sun. Don't water them until you get roots. It takes a while, but you ought to get 100% rooting.