Monday, November 1, 2010

Epiphyllum what a fragrance!

I've grown the "Fishbone Cactus" probably half a dozen times over the past 45 years without ever flowering it. After a few years the plant would get large, I'd get frustrated, maybe the leaves would get infested with "cactus scab".....anyway, I'd give up and get rid of the plant. Sooner or later I'd buy it again; it's hard to resist the curiously shaped leaves.

This plant is growing in the Lobby of the Administration Building at the Arboretum, or at least it's growing there now. It is no doubt flowering courtesy of having spent last winter in a greenhouse. And of course the Administration Building is on the verge of being closed for a couple of years for a total makeover. Still, it's there now and will probably last through the weekend.

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