Thursday, November 4, 2010

It rained all day in Washinngton DC

So I potted up some cuttings that had rooted sufficiently. Actually, I stuck a few too, of Buddleia colvillei, the Himalayan Buddleia. It did live through last winter, but failed to flower. It was advertised as flowering, unlike most buddleias, only on old wood. Since it was just about killed to the ground, it makes sense that it didn't flower. I had hoped that the growing season was long enough and hot enough for it to finish a cycle of growth and start sort of create old wood in one season. It didn't happen, though I still hold hope for the future. Maybe a more established root system or a bit more attention from me in late summer. Possibly more attention to watering and possibly fertilizer early, then late? Anyway I'm starting a handful (the irregular unlabeled row of four in the middle of the flat) and I'll grow winter one or two in the greenhouse next year for flowers in 2012.

The other plants in the flat are Rhododendron eriocarpum (the primary ancestor of the Gumpo Azaleas), a white form from a plant wild collected in Japan, Hydrangea 'Izu-no-Hana', Podocarpus 'Okina', and Hypericum longistylum. I also potted some cuttings of Dr. Ackerman's cross between Camellia japonica and Franklinia alatamaha. There was some thought that cutting were difficult but all of those Young Choe took this past summer rooted. That's exciting.

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