Saturday, September 18, 2010

xAmarcrinum powellii.....don't they look great with pink flamingos? Plastic ones I mean

Really, I mean if you have a flock? fluttering?    whatever is the proper term for a herd of flamingos?, and you need a floral accent you can't beat this plant. You know what? I can find this out in less than a minute. (Goggling gives me a choice of half a dozen terms; I prefer flamboyance): a flamboyance of flamingos. My tongue is in my cheek and it isn't. Hey a couple of days ago we watched an odd movie called I do and I don't. chosen, I imagine, because it was filmed entirely in Baltimore or it could have been Jane Lynch, who won an Emmy for her role in Glee, sorry I've not seen any of that but she if funny and was in this movie. Anyway it's one of those lead up to the wedding/hapless and feckless fiance meets the in-laws movies made interesting by the required pre-wedding counseling. It was funny but I'm not sure enough to trade off being irritated for just about the duration of the movie. Still, I'm joking about the marriage of Amarcrinum and plastic flamingos and I'm not. They do work well together so if you do love pink flamingos, or you're ever tasked with designing around them this plant belongs high on your palette.

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