Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Geranium soboliferum and Trollius pulcher plena.....a couple of interesting and obscure perennials growing in the beds below the GCA Circle

It's worth taking a pass by these beds every month or so to see the obscure but beautiful Asian perennials we have hunted down and planted here. There's sun and shade so we have good variety. I like Trollius, Globeflowers, and moved T. chinensis here this spring from a hidden location in China Valley. Then Carole ordered this beautiful, pulcher duh, little Trollius from Asiatica. We have another larger one in the lathe beds that I'll get out this fall. I don't know this but I'm pretty sure there aren't many gardens in this country with three taxa, nay, three species, of Trollius. And there are other rarities: Hemiboea, Rabdosia, Cardiandra, odd Primroses, Epimediums, and Iris. These beds are getting a bit of a makeover to give them more "curb appeal", but we're keeping all the oddities and even adding some.

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