Wednesday, September 29, 2010

P Nerine Bowdenii x Belladonna....this is another one of the FONA pots flowering a completely different color

Both Nerine bowdenii and Amaryllis belladonna  (fall flowering South African geophytes) are a bit beyond the northern end of their hardiness range here in Washington (USDA Zone7) so nothing more than blind optimism would suggest that their hybrid offspring would make it through the winter. Still....lots of us like to push the limits and I have ordered A.belladonna  and several Nerines, neither of them bowdenii. I take what I can get. Reviewing the RHS Manual of Bulbs, I was pleased to see that they recommend the same siting I have been arguing for years. To wit, under a southern overhand in well drained soil. I did plant both Hippeastrum x johnsonii and Rhodophiala bifida in that sort of condition at my parents house this past Mother's Day. The latter ought to be flowering any time now.

In the UK many species, hybrids, and named selections of these taxa are available. I expect the milder climate more suits both these bulbs, but, the truth be told, in the USA we have a lot larger geographic area with appropriate growing conditions. Telos Rare Bulbs in Ferndale, California (one of Chris Carley's past ventures), does sell a variety of these bulbs but we could still use another grower/retailer or two to step up to the plate.

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