Thursday, September 30, 2010

It rained today.....heavily. As Tropical Storm Nicole moved northward, she carried warm wet air

It hit our cool air and bam. at home we got almost 4" and though we haven't yet measured at the Arboretum I'm guessing we got close to that. So this September will go in the books as a month with a little over average rainfall. Even though it pretty much all fell on the last two days of the month. Better late than never, I always say.
The rain lilies like it, but of course they would.  Of course we're all very happy about it. Now we can commence fall planting and transplanting. If you're going to put  down grass seed either for a new lawn or overseeding, go for it; now's the perfect time.
he only real downside to the whole thing was the fact that it no doubt filled these trenches with water. The "water people", it doesn't seem respectful enough to call them plumbers, they're so much more, weren't able to finish the last element of their 6 week? project. They're going to separate our irrigation water from our potable water so that we don't have to pay sewage fees on the water we put on the plants and gardens. That will save a lot of money. I know at home the water that goes through our "irrigation sub-meter" costs less than half as much as the water that runs through the house plumbing. I'm sure they'll be able to sort the muddy mess out and finish the job but it would have been easier if they rain had waited till Friday.

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