Saturday, August 21, 2010

I gave a talk on adding native plants to existing gardens at the Irvine Science Center today

 The program was great and there were a lot of vendors. I had time to talk to many of them. Sylva Native Nursery & Seed Company had Comptonia peregrina in 2" rose pots so I bought a couple. I remember when Sam Jones was the only source for this plant in Maryland, or actually anywhere so far as I knew. There must be protocols for propagation now. That's good; still I've not seen it around in any quantity.  Kollar Nurseries had Lonicera sempervirens so I bought three for the Intern Planting at the Grove of State Tree restrooms. I bought other things, Solidago sempervirens and a Cardinal Flower in bloom, I couldn't resist. The talk went well as did the rest of the day. This is their 19th year, it's less than 30 easy miles from home, and yet I've not been there before. In a way that's not so much a reflection of my negligence as it is a tribute to the wealth of resources in the Washington/Baltimore/Philadelphia area. There are at least a dozen locations that do annual or more frequent daylength horticulture programs. Many focus on natives. When I retire, I'll have a lot of choices.

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