Monday, August 16, 2010

The new Campsis grandiflora 'Morning Calm' in the Beltsville Library Courtyard Garden is flowering

I put a pole in for it and it's begun to climb, flowering as it goes. Campsis is a great plant to use this way. It flowers in the summer so the color is fine with most daylilies, yellow composites, and still neutral enough (hey it's orange!) not to fight with Crape Myrtles or cool red /pink roses. Keeping it to the post will require regular but non-strenuous attendance....just the sort of thing I'm up for in the summer.
It's still got a ways to go to get to the top; I expect it'll get most of the way this year an that I'll have to prune it next year.

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College Gardener said...

A very pretty color combination.