Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dragonfly scrambled courtesy of Microsoft Digital Image Pro

All right....I was finishing a design and doing the plant list and this dragonfly perched for, oh an hour or so right outside the window. My first thought was that if I went out to photograph it, it'd spook and so it was better to just keep working and check it out off and on. Well, after an hour I decided what the heck, I'd try to photograph it and I got one shot before it flew and the shot was okay, actually I liked it but it was from the back and seemed sort of odd. I like to play with the filters every few months so I tried about twenty of them and I sort of liked this one. If you use your imagination you can tell the plant on the right is a Pelargonium. I know it's offensively....ersatz? or something, but I like it anyway, and now it's out of my system for another six months.

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mike said...

Nice! I like it!