Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Callerya reticulata in the Korean attractive hardy tropical

Beautiful colored flowers. The literature tells me there are ~150 species in this, mostly tropical, genus in the Pea Family. I have one growing up a corner of my house that's only flowered once in 8 years. Truly a vine, it occasionally grows to as much as 20 feet in length in a year, though  typically it dies back to the ground every year belying the common name of Evergreen Wisteria. Ours, in the Asian Collection, is more of a shrub though it does show vining tendencies. It also exhibits much more "stem hardiness" than my vine. As spectacularly colored as these flowers pictured are, they aren't quite as spectacular as those on my vine which have the same purple as well as a lighter bluish shade that makes for a bi-colored look.  In Alexandria a friend has a 20 foot long section of fence covered with a vining species that flowers all summer. He doesn't recommend the fragrance. I didn't get much scent from ours today but it is pretty.

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