Sunday, June 27, 2010

12 Month old garden in's got some growing to do but it looks good already

If there had been a competition for the best maintained new planting from one of my designs last year, it would have gone to Tracy Lowe. She watered, she weeded, she even took the 'Black Magic' Colocasia in for the winter, kept it alive, and replanted it. It was a treat to see her garden again. Passiflora incarnata is climbing the porch rail out of sight and Canna 'Bengal Tiger' survived the winter nicely. Tracy wanted color and drama and she's well on the way. One of the specific plants she requested was a Butterfly Bush; it's doing well and attracting Lepidopterans.
To make it more impressive, Tracy had never gardened before and the bed area in front of the sidewalk had been infested with wiregrass. She's been diligent and persistent!

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