Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look at all the volunteers getting ready for this weekend's 19th Annual FONA Garden Fair and Plant Sale

And look at the plants! I stopped by the Sales Area on my way back from dumping a load of weeds at the brickyard and Wow. There were plenty of volunteers, including Board Members, moving plants from trucks to tents. Good plants too. The Lithodora 'Grace Ward' has, I think, the bluest flowers on any plant hardy in this area. It's not the easiest to grow, but if you give it sun and good drainage...  The Saxifrages are pretty and unusual and the Ajugas, though common, are beautiful. Sago Palms are a stretch, no, actually they're nowhere near hardy here, but they're great container plants. And we know the Needle Palms, Rhapidophyllum, are hardy.       FONA SPRING FAIR
Cyclamen coum and native Trilliums (they're almost all native), and native Cypripediums (they aren't), two kinds. It only took me 5 minutes to find these plants and take these pictures so there's lots more and this doesn't even include the specialty vendors. It makes me wish I had more room in the gardens.

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