Monday, April 19, 2010

Fred Hooks delivered a truckful of uncommon and choice Japanese Maple cultivars along with some Stewartias and Native Azaleas from Don Shadow

And a crazy variegated Illicium, I. floridanum 'Shady Lady'. Fred drove a truckload of plants from Tennessee to the Arboretum today, walked through the Asian Collections, then turned around and headed for Atlanta. I hear he's heading for the Pacific northwest tomorrow.  Ed unloaded the shipment and insisted that I come out and see it. Pretty incredible plants.

I don't quite understand the dynamics of the partnership, but Fred has been doing this "All Things Acer" deal with Don Shadow. Both are remarkable plantsmen and both are quite generous. Many of their special offering are destined for the FONA Plant Sale this weekend. These are plants truly to be coveted. Some of the Maples haven't even made it inot the catalogue yet.

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