Friday, April 23, 2010

The Herb Garden: anther place I don't go

What with being excited about the FONA Plant Sale and visiting the Florida Garden, I woke up a bit early this am, left the house a bit early, and so found myself with a half huur window before the day began.....I walked through the Herb Garden, or at least the front part. I forget always, what a wonderful garden this is. Bulbs, Rosemarys, Edible lettuce in an attractive design, the newly redone Rose Garden, and on and on.

I tried t tell GrayC how much I liked it; she, of course, explained all the problems and issues and about the weeds and I realized why the garden was so wonderful. It's not good to be a perfectionist, but it is good to have them in charge of things you care about. I guess....except it seems selfish and unfair to them. I mean, I want emotional balance in my family and friends, but as far as the Redskins and Capitols are concerned I want those players single-minded and driven. I don't want them to have balance in their lives. I want losing to be like death. Except I don't really. When I begin to feel like that I always picture my sons in place of the players and relent.


WashingtonGardener said...

Perfectionism is hard to wrestle with - esp in our own gardens - I'm much more forgiving of other gardeners than myself, but isn't that always the wat?

ChrisU said...

It sure is!

online plant nursery said...

The tulips in your garden are quiet stunning to say the least! The colors accents one another so well! Id love to buy an assortment and space them the exact manner in which you have spaced them in your flower bed.All the pictures are lovely but those tulips are tops!

Tree Nursery said...

These gardens are not over done like a lot i've seen. This is a nice array of flowers and natives. I'd like to visit the one in MD.Those tulips looks as though you could reach out and touch them the clarity is so well. I enjoy your blog and visit from time to time.
Thank you!