Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thanksgivng Farms Nursery: Darby has a lot of plants other Nurseries don't have

And good ones; it's worth the 40 mile drive. They can be depended on to have unique plants, plants you haven't seen locally before and that you likely won't see anywhere else. Among large nurseries, they seem to be alone in realizing the size of the market for tropical and subtropical plants for bedding and containers. Hey!, we found a polyhouse with 50+ large Brugmansias. And not that lame variegated one that you see everywhere that barely flowers the first season. Wow.  I bought a 'Fireburst' Coprosma, orange/pink edged leaves and they grow like mad. Also a Lampranthus aureus, Golden Iceplant, and a cerise Kangaroo Paw.  Darby tells me she has several other variegated cultivars of Coprosma. Probably in one of those roundhouses I didn't look in.

They're equally good with traditional temperate material.  We walked past a block of Lilacs that included, I'm guessing 35 varieties. Nice plants, good sized in ?5 gallon containers. Now I have to make my traditional disclaimer: I know I tend to be enthusiastic; the world looks good through rose-colored glasses..... But....They do make good decisions. If you've read about a new plant or a new trend you usually see it here first. Darby just has a good and curious mind and good instincts. If I owned or ran a large nursery, I would want her to take my buyers in hand.

1619 Buckeysville Pike; Adamstown, Maryland 21710  301 662 1291  You can make a day of it by stopping at Lilypons, also in Adamstown.

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Hartwood Roses said...

This place just went on my 'must visit' list. Road trip!