Monday, March 22, 2010

FONA Garden Fair, and more importantly, Plant Sale: an incredible opportunity for the covetous plant geek, or even for regular gardeners

This is a chance to buy plants that you read about but rarely see in a Nursery. I got a sneak peek at the plant list and this is going to be like the old ones I remember so fondly. There's some good stuff coming! Over 100 pots of Trillium are on order, of 5? different taxa. Edgeworthia, two varieties, three Daphne selections, terrestrial orchids including Dactylorhiza; I've never seen that offered except through the mail or on-line. Lady's-slippers, pink and yellow and 100 pots of hardy Cyclamen, coum and hederifolia. Heucheras, Hellebores, and Hydrangeas in great numbers including new and uncommon selections. Variegated Cornus controversa, and Davidia 'Sonoma', the Dove tree that flowers in a one gallon pot.. Ten plants each of three different species of Stewartia. And Daphniphyllum, Forhergilla, hardy Gardenias, Rhododendron austrinum, two selections of that wonderful fragrant orange or yellow flowered native azalea. And a hardy Agave. And perennials: Zepheranthes, Rohdeas, Peonies....  And a weeping Parrotia, and Magnolia siebolii. I have to stop but there's lots more. And it benefits the Friend of the National Arboretum. 

And that's just what's in the FONA tent. Like last year there will be a dozen specialty Nurseries offering plants that you can almost never buy off the table. Don't ignore them. They had incredible plants last year and as difficult as it was for me to believe, took many of them home unsold. I did my best but I just couldn't buy everything and I won't be able to this year either. I'm going to need some help.

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