Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hepatica acutiloba, see in Fern Valley Native Plant Collection

There's something appealing about Hepaticas; they're not large or showy, the colors are pleasant but not outstanding, you have to get close to appreciate them, or have good vision....still....

This Saturday the Lahr Symosium will happen at the USNA. Although it's always a wonderful event, I don't make a lot of noise about it because it always sells out as it has done this year. The Native Plant Sale, however is open to the public starting at 9:30. There will be 8 specialty nurseries that will afford us the opportunity to indulge our acquisitive impulses. I'll be looking for Hepaticas this year. Last year I bought 3 dultivars of Fothergilla, including 'Jane Platt', a true F. gardenii selection and so, one that will not reach 6-7', rather staying about half that size. Her habit is a bit different from the species, she tends to be a bit laxer, more earthbound than the typical upright forms.

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