Friday, October 2, 2009

I walked through Fern Valley this afternoon and there's a lot going on!

I hadn't spent much time in Fern Valley for the last few weeks and fall is such an enticing season. There's a lot going on and not all of it is fruit though there are some cool ones. You have to love Actaea pachypoda, Doll's Eyes with its spooky white fruit. Wahoo, Strawberry bush (descriptive), Hearts a bustin', Euonymus americanus is another curiously beautiful fruit. Chelone, Turtlehead flowers for a good period from late summer through fall. Wet soil and partial shade is okay.

Walk the trails and you'll see much more including Eupatorium rugosum, a pleasant white-flowered perennial, Solidage caesea, Wreath Goldenrod, a shade tolerant Goldenrod and aa refined plant by Goldenrod standards, a wide variety of Asters, and the first tints of fall foliage color.

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