Monday, September 28, 2009

Remember the summer of 2004? Remember Pandamania?....I found one!

This is one of those 1,000 other gardens in the title of the Blog, not that I would claim ownership, or more than a tiny bit of authorship. Its a great garden on a sort of standard sized suburban lot. It's easy to see a love of texture and color both in flowers and foliage. I like the way the Panda sits smugly amongst both "Bear" and "Heavenly" bamboo. The "Black Magic" Colocasia is about as large as I have ever seen. I don't suppose it could have overwintered in the ground? I think the Rosemary was my contribution, but Ann has done much of this design on her own. Where my plants didn't work, she found something that did and when the beds I designed were filled she added more beds and more plants.

This garden is in the Woodmore community, just inside the Beltway between Colesville Road and University Boulevard in Maryland. It's one of a number of communities where I just seem to get along with everybody on lots of levels. I've done a number of designs there and many of my friends with horticultural bents live here. I was in the area Sunday and decided to drop by unannounced. Nobody home; they lead busy lives. The garden was beautiful as you can see.

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