Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love receiving new plants!.The Asian Collections got a big shipment of plant from Plant Delights and I got a smaller one from Seneca Hill Perennials

Its exciting! Among the plants we received today was Coniogramme emeiensis Marbled Leaf Form, Hemiboea subcapitata, and Eupatorium fortunei 'Pink Frost'. The first is a beautiful variegated fern, the second a USDA Zone 6 gesneriad, and the last a variegated Eupatorium. (The plants in the background are mostlyFern Valley's from the collecting trips of the last few years. There are pretty exciting plants there too.

From Seneca Hill, for my private gardens I got Morea reticulata, a South African irid with yellow flowers and curiously reticulate foliage that ought to be hardy in the sand in Zone 7. And Tritonia disticha, a pink SA geophyte that surely is. And Brunsvigia radulosa, a SA amaryllidaceous type bulb with huge flower trusses of good sized flowers. It came with the admonition, "Growing these to blooming size will require patience and skill." out of two? And an Agave parryi to replace one I lost after many years. And Albuca shawii, a sort of yellow SA snowdrop that wants the wet summers and dry winters of the Florida garden. And a small Clematis texensis for Adelphi. Good plants.


Rocky said...

you list the Brunsvigia from Seneca twice ... which is it, really?

Thank you for your blog. I enjoy keeping up with what's going on at USNA vicariously.

ChrisU said...

Good point! Calls for a correction.Thanks