Monday, August 24, 2009

Today I watered the dwarf trees of the USNA Bonsai and Penjing Museum

The collection is in 4 parts: The Japanese Pavilion, The Chinese Pavilion, The North American Pavilion, and the Museum. It is a remarkable collection and always makes it awkward visiting a Public Garden with a Bonsai collection. We have so many old, mature , wonderful trees that other collections usually just don't even register.

I always like assignments that take me to other parts of the Arboretum; they force me to go places I ought to go anyway. Everybody was gone today so, because I had mentioned a few months ago that I'd be willing to learn the water the trees, Carole thought of me. I got a walk through and tutorial from Jack Sustic last week and his cell phone number and today was the day.

Chris Carley and I were talking this morning; he is an occasional backup waterer and pointed out how cool it is to become part of the chain of caretakers in the life of these plants. One of them has been under cultivation since 1625. We're planning its 400th birthday party. Just kidding, but wow! I don't think any of them suffered today from my watering so that's good.

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