Monday, August 24, 2009

Akatsuki No Tsuya (top) and 'Tie Dye Blue' (bottom)....Japanese Morning Glorys

Seeing these incredible Morning Glories was a bonus for watering the trees! Apparently one strain of obsession running through Japanese Gardening, is a fascination with Morning Glories, or Asagao. They have been bred determinedly producing flowers of all colors, sizes, shapes (some of these are crazy odd!), with stripes, speckles, infinitum. There is a Asagao Festival and there are shows where small potted flowering plants are displayed and judged. On some site or other I remember reading that the beauty of the Asagao viewed in the morning makes it a little easier to get through the ferocious heat of summer. I bet that's true.

Anyway, Amy and Ked have, I think from seed, produced a number of spectacular Morning Glories that would be worth the price of admission if we had one! A little poking around online produced a variety of suppliers of seeds and next year I will surely grow a couple. We always do Moonflower, Ipomoea alba, and they are wonderful and fragrant. Actually the scent is coming in the window right now, but they only flower at night.

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Amy said...

yes from seed
I'll forward you my sources, although you likely found the same ones already.