Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The early morning sun shines, appropriately? through the Power Plants Exhibit

The exhibit showcases some of the plants that we are either using already or studying for use as energy sources. Sunlight + Carbon dioxide + Water , in the presence of chlorophyll, produces Oxygen, Water, and chemical energy in the form of a simple carbohydrate,. The magic of plants! All green plants produce this chemical energy but some convert it to products that don't need to be manipulated a lot before we can use them. For example, many plants produce seeds with a high oil content that's basically ready to use. Other products involve more complicated processing The exhibit includes the Poplars, through which the sun is shining, corn (back left), and a number of others.

Power Plants has really never looked as good as it does now. Partly that's because the Poplars and some of the perennial forbs have grown to a nice size, partly because the turf has come in and is regularly mowed and edged. And no weeds! That's all to the credit of the "Flowering Tree Walk" intern. Good work!

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