Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lindsay Hicks (Education Unit) and I presented an Arboretum "Power Plants" display at the Senate Earth Day Event

Because of the likelihood of rain we were inside instead of on the grounds of the US Botanic Garden. I was pleasantly surprised though, by how agreeable the inside area was. We were on the 9th floor with a relatively unobstructed western view (which our booth faced). Of course the sun shone most of the day after the weather forecast drove us inside. Still it was a cheerfully educational day.

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, created a stir as he toured the exhibits. He visited the USBG around the corner from us on our right, crossed the aisle to Chrysler/Daimler, then the tidal pull of the crowd pushed him past us as he recrossed the aisle, so he ended up visiting all three of the booths adjoining us but missing ours! I'm not taking it personally!

There were around 6o exhibitors all "green". There was lot of technology: automobile manufacturers presented state of the art electric vehicles, Pepco explained their vision for the future, we saw the environmentally solid windows, floors, roofs, and walls of the future. LED technology never ceases to amaze me. I studied several presentations of permeable paving surfaces, and an associated display by Montgomery County on general watershed monitoring. Very exciting and encouraging!

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