Monday, April 20, 2009

Geranium albanum: another good plant from Azerbaijan

Here is another good one! Less frequently encountered on this side of the Atlantic than in England or on the Continent, Geranium albanum is treated generally favorably in the literature. Geranium enthusiasts, Bath and Jones, in The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hardy Geraniums suggest that it is undeservedly underplanted in formal plantings, usually being consigned to the semi-wild garden. It is described as being partly evergreen but this determination applies to plants grown in Great Britain. While it seems to be on the margins of availability there, I found no sources for the plants here.

All of my experience with the plant consists of having observed it in a greenhouse over a ~6 month period. There is no disputing that it is flowering heavily or the beauty of the attractively striped petals. It has been in bloom now for several weeks and the testimony of others suggests that it will continue to flower for another couple of months. By my judgment that makes it the equal of any G. striatum that I am familiar with. This is another plant that bears watching.

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