Friday, April 24, 2009

FONA Plant sale opens with a bang: Books; Exotic flowering carnivorous plants; and Kathy Jentz, surrounded by her magazines!

I enjoyed the new format of the FONA plant sale and they did have some weird and wild plants. I bought Rhodophiala bifida, the Oxblood Lily; Fritillaria thunbergii, a rather plain looking Thunbergia except for the fact that the leaves terminate in short coiled tendrils!; Pinguicula luaeana, an incredibly large-flowered Silene-pink Butterwort reported to be hardy to USDA Zone 6; and Salvia buchananii, a ~tender salvia with incredible large tomentose dark purple flowers. A nice haul!

The FONA booth still has, among thier books, a few volumes from the library of the late Franziska Reed Huxley. A wonderful plantswoman, FONA board member, and longtime organizer of this sale she left much of her horticultural library to FONA. Many of us experienced the bittersweet pleasure of acquiring one or more of her books last year. Today I picked up a glossy octavo trade paperback Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants. I happily paid the $2 asking price and was pleasantly surprised to find it both enscribed by Franziska, and signed by the author.

Washington Gardener is a bimonthly gardening magazine focused on the Washington DC area. It would be cheap at twice the price of 4.99/issue.

The plant sale continues tomorrow (Saturday April 25) from 9am to 4pm. Lots of good stuff left!

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