Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tom Abell retired today after working 43 years for the US Natioanal Arboretum

Tom hasworked with Sue Bentz for at least 25 of those years, and could do just about anything that needed to be done. I enjoyed the days when Tom was around, he often worked at South Farm, because he was pretty nearly always cheerful. On those odd occasions when he wasn't, it didn't take more than a little nudge to bring him back.

Lynn Batdort, for some reason, has collected the names of USNA employees who have left during his tenure. From this database, he compiled a lit of those who left during Tom's tenure. He added to this a number of old photographs many including Tom from back in the day and much reminiscing went on. In this picture Pat Lynch, Chris Carley, Carole Bordelon, and Tom (left to right )are enjoying their memories.

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