Monday, January 14, 2013

It was 60F this morning at 5:00am.....Wow!

It's like not having winter at all. And there's lots of fog. Yesterday we woke up to fog that then stayed with us all day. It either lasted through the night, I think, or reappeared this morning. Makes driving to work exciting. There was no winter last year; it was, I believe, the warmest on record. It's getting a little scary. The good news is that just next week, the forecasts suggest that we'll get down to 18 or 19F on consecutive nights. We've been spoiled though; back in the day, say 10 years ago, 18 degrees would have seemed like a pretty benign temperature for mid January. Now it seems like the end of the world.....until we think about it. When we got back from Florida, I checked the heating degree days for the season and we're about 20% warmer than average. That could change quickly if we had a month of moderately cold weather. I almost hope it does. All sorts of unlikely flowers are blooming; the scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'? outside the headhouse is beautiful!

At least the days are getting longer at both ends now. After sitting at 7:27am for two weeks, we finally gained a minute last week. Tomorrow we'll gain another, 7:25. Hooray! For the rest of this week we'll gain a minute every other day. Next Wednesday we'll experience two consecutive days where we gain a minute in the morning and a minute in the evening. Spring will get here someday.

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