Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tree Peonies at the GCA Circle: they just keep on coming

This seems to be the final rush though and 88F yesterday will hurry them on their way. I hope there are still some around for my walk this Sunday. It's turning out to be a good year for herbaceous peonies anyway and they're a bit later so we'll see most of them in full bloom.

Despite the heat yesterday, I decided to plant a few things. I'd been procrastinating and the forecast predicted today would be much cooler....and it is! Planted a Franklinia alatamaha in the Camellia Collection based on their familiar relationship. I've never had much luck with these plans but the site is good soil and sun wise and I can see it from the road. That means it'll be visible to all of us multiple times daily. Among other things I planted a variegated Pittosporum tobira 'Kansai Sunburst'. Not really hardy for us, tobira, but I put it against a monolithic stonc overlook facing east in an east/west valley. The roots will stay a bit warmer than they would in the open garden, it won't be wet in the winter (though I'm not sure that matters), and no northwest winds. If we have another winter like this past one all will be well. I hope, and think, that it'll be able to take a good bit more cold than that! We'll know this time next year.


Hartwood Roses said...

Every spring, I eagerly await the tree peonies ... Got two of four with flowers now, and I love them! (69 degrees outside at 7am in April? This is disorienting.)

Tree Removal Bronx said...

My neighbor's peonies always smell so wonderful when I would go in for a sly sniff. Their petals are also more delicate then tissue paper, love it!

-Oscar Valencia