Thursday, April 19, 2012

Syringa pubescens ssp. microphylla, Late Lilac (white form)

Thursday is volunteer day and today we worked in the Japanese Woodland. Nathan orchestrated an effort to top dress the perennial and fern beds with leaf compost. Many of us helped. The woodland is partially accessible by vehicle. Originally the paths were all wide enough to drive a Mitsubishi or Cushman on, but over the years groundcovers have encroached and plants have grown. It's now possible to drive certain places. We took advantage as best we could. Still, there was wheelbarrowing, throwing, and carrying involved. As always we accomplished a remarkable amount.

As did the other group of volunteers who cut last year's berries out of the nandinas across the trail. There are a lot of nandinas in beds N-1 and N-2 including some cultivars I've never seen anywhere else. They cut and cut and while it looks a lot neater and there are some through views, I don't know where they got 4 truckloads of clippings?

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