Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show 2012: theme Hawaii

This is my kind of show: serious colors, hot colors.    Anytime more than one display uses the multicolored, orange/red/yellow/green variegated crotons massed as calming elements..... I liked it.

A few years back we developed a game plan of leaving late, arriving mid-day, eating lunch in Chinatown, and only then going to the show. This allowed time for the masses of early arrivals to disperse towards the back of the show leaving the major exhibits less crowded. At least it did for a few years. This year things didn't seem to open up till late afternoon. I suppose more attendees is good news for the flower show but not so much for individual visitors. Still it was a good show and I enjoyed it.

I stopped by the Dragon Agro Products booth to say hello and bought a plug of one of the new hardy banana, Musa 'Mekong Giant'. It's reputed to grow to 40 feet but I'll be happy with anything over 15. Still forty would be nice. I also picked up a flowering 4" pot of Pavonia multiflora, Brazilian Candles, a cool member of the Malvaceae which, until now, I had known only from a picture in the Logee's catalog. I passed on the Worselya procera, the blue Amaryllis, though it seemed like a steal at $400.00. Well, maybe it was a bit out of my range.

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