Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lindera aggregata flowering along the steps below the Pagoda

One of the first decisive things I did after coming to the Asian Collections was to prune this plant. It grows possibly 4 feet from stone steps that descend from the red pagoda and lead you into China Valley. It was about 15 feet across and an opening had been pruned into it making transit up and down the steps possible. It didn't look good so I attacked with a vengeance. Not really; I like the plant. I pruned severely but not excessively and with absolutely no malice. Over the ensuing three years it has grown out and looks more than presentable. I stopped today to photograph the flowers; if I'd thought that I'd be writing this post I would have taken a picture of the whole plant. But I didn't. I was intrigued by the odd flowers and photographed them. I did take time to examine the plant. If we take out two major canes, it looks like we'll have a graceful plant that fits the location. For now.

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