Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fern Valley staff and volunteers plant the S. Dakota etc. plants in the prairie

From the road it looked like someone had lost a piece of jewelry....or this was a circle of Druids without any trees. Walking in, I discovered they were planting a selection of the plants that GrayC, Scott, and Kevin had collected and Brad had grown from seeds. Now they're going into the ground. Some of them were collected with the idea that they could be useful elements in roof gardens. I frankly don't know most of them beyond having watched them for a year and a half and the small amount of research I've done. There's nothing a exciting as a new plant (I am a geek) and this is one planting with a dozen new plants. Wow.

The vegetation on the plot was killed off and some amount of limestone? chips dug into the top layer of soil. That should improve both the drainage, and the pH. Pre treatment, neither was ideally suited for dry prairie plants. It will be great fun to monitor this planting.

If you look closely to the left of Liz's head in the bottom picture, you can see the purple asters that complement her top and glasses.

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