Friday, October 21, 2011

Clear air, bright sun, a few bananas, and just a hint of fall color impart a surreal quality to the Central Valley

It's not the look that comes to mind when you think about typical Washington Gardens. Where's the high shade, the turf, the azaleas, the dogwoods, hostas, liriope?


I am much taken by the effect of low lighting on plant pubescence. Or any pubescence; I recall an infatuation of 40 odd years ago. Like a typical teenage boy, I was of course primarily attracted by her intellect, but I was captivated by the blonde summer bleached down on her lightly tanned skin. In a non-carnal kind of way. As with the Loropetalum there were more striking aspects to her appearance, but I am and have always been a sucker for backlit pubescence.

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