Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lining out plants from the 2008 NACPEC Shaanxi Trip

Chris Carley went on this China trip and brought back a variety of plants including a number of species of Ash, Fraxinus. Others include Corylus, Acer henryi, and Euptelea We, by which I mean mostly Amanda, planted and germinated the Arboretum's share of the collected seed. The plants have grown in containers since. It's good to get them in the ground; I could almost hear them sigh with relief as their roots hit the cool soil of the test plot. But seriously, these plants are what we're about and they are far better off in the ground than in containers. We've already planted a few in the Collection including a few Sinowilsonia henryi, some Aesculus chinensis, and one Acer henryi. We still have Cardiocrinums in containers as well as a few Cephalotaxus and some odds and ends. Two and a half years after the trip we're moving the plants along.

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