Thursday, June 9, 2011

Butterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa, is flowering in the Fern Vallley Meadow

I love this plant. The meadow is turning yellow as the scorching heat and lack of rain take effect. Neither the Butterfly weed nor the Indian Grass care. They're tough. I remember the first time I saw Butterfly weed was walking along the Railroad tracks from my grandmother's farm in Covesville, Virgina to the tiny town of Faber. It was about a mile and a half and we grandchildren mafe the trek regularly to go to the General Store. We usually just bought sodas which we usually needed because summers were hot and there was no shade on the tracks. The Butterfly weed, of course, grew happily withing yards of the tracks themselves. Between rains the plants were coated with gray dust but the butterflies seemed to like them anyway.

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