Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I took my banana for a ride this morning....then I gave it away

I thought if it was going to live immobile for the rest of its life, as plants do, it might be nice to see some sights before settling down. The whole thing came about because the Musa 'Basjoo' that Amanda planted in China Valley last year inexplicably....well, didn't survive the winter. Now I don't understand that; the winter wasn't anywhere near cold enough to have killed the plant. It died somehow though and apparently another one died in a Bonsai planting. Oh well. Anyway I dug a pup from our home garden and brought it in. I expect it'll survive. I've planted them at all seasons and never lost a plant. I remember one fall a few years back when Home Depot sold 1 gallon pots for a couple dollars apiece. We bought a good number and distributed them. Some were planted as late as November and all of them survived.

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