Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Florida bound

It's hard to leave one garden, even to go to another one. As soon as Karen Upton and Sons return from their most prestigious maintenance job, across the street from Washington's "design house" of the year, we'll load up the dog and head south.

I walked the garden this morning; it's lovely when the sunlight cuts through from down the street and highlights this and that. The huge Jasminum x stephenense? on the corner of the deck is just starting to flower. The soft pink blooms have a spicy scent reminiscent of J. polyanthum. It's a rowdy plant that really only flowers once a year. Every year I consider removing it but never do. Last fall I planted a Bignonia capreolate at its base with the intention of removing the Jasmine and allowing the Crossvine to take over the corner. I probably won't do it: too soft-hearted. I'm thinking the Crossvine could be diverted so that it could cover the back rail west of the corner. Live and let live.

Canna 'Bengal Tiger' seems to have let me down this year; it's usually hardy but, excepting the plant at the Library, I don't see any signs. Canna 'Australia' did resprout. I never thought it would and saved a whole bagful of roots. Actually the survivor is growing so quickly that it's just about at the same place as the replanted dug roots. Usually the downside to "hardy" tropical here in USDA Zone 7 is the fact that they take so long to resprout that while you're waiting for them there are big holes in the garden. The Colocasia in the GCA Circle (at the Arboretum) are beginning to resprout but they're a month behind the plants that Brad gave us two weeks ago. So I'm going to watch C. 'Australia' and see if there's consistency to its hardiness.

Time to go.

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