Friday, April 29, 2011

I worked at the FONA Plant Sale today from 10:00 to 1:00. I had to wear an apron

I'm really not an apron kind of guy; I've avoided it in the past but Jim was pretty tough and there was no escaping it. I had fun, sliding back into my nursery sales personna. I think I'm good at selling plants because I love them all. And people too. It was busy going at first; the first three hours (the time I worked) are reserved for members of the Friends. Many of them are serious plant people and, armed with the internet inventory, they came knowing what plants they wanted, but not where those plants were. Armed with a working knowledge of the alphabet and Latin binomials, I was all over it. It's fun because many of the other volunteers are people I've known for years. It was too busy to catch up, but quick exchanges were doable.

I bought a few things: Cestrum parqui, Actinidia pilosula, Mahonia repens, Agapanthus 'Graskop', and Alstoemeria 'Sara'. Plus, as a member of FONA, I got my choice of the two USNA Oakleaf hydrangea introductions, 'Munchkin' or 'Ruby Slippers'. I chose 'Roby Slippers' but I don't know why.

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