Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Note from Dorothy Kidder to Skip March

Apparently Ruth Dix (retired USNA shrub breeding) was going through some papers and this old postcard turned up. She sent it to Carole Bordelon who passed it on to me. I love it because it shows how thoughtful a person she was. I don't know exactly what she's talking about but suspect it has to do with either the inception of China Valley or the installation of the watercourse in the Central Valley. Skip was apparently administrating a project funded by Dorothy. She not only donated generously in her lifetime to the Asian Collections, but showed a deep and constant interest in the gardens, visiting regularly often with friends and always with her miniature dachshund. Posthumously, a foundation she endowed donated annually enough money to allow for the funding of three positions including Nathan's and Amanda's. Of course we now know that foundation has chosen to direct their giving elsewhere precipitating something of a funding crisis for us. I was glad to see this note and be reminded of just how generous and considerate Dorothy had been.

Times definitely change. Can you imagine anyone mailing a postcard with their phone number on it now?!?

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