Saturday, March 26, 2011

Geum triflorum, Prairie Smoke from the Lahr Native Plant Sale

I love this plant. I've had it off and on for a few years. It doesn't seem to live a long time but it does reseed. I've been a few years without so it was great to see good looking plants. I bought three plants of Cumberland False Rosemary, Conradina verticillata 'Snowflake'. We grow a number of shrubby mints in Florida including some Conradinas but don't have any here. I'm thinking it can help replace some of the low evergreen structure in the sunny front bed. Recently we've removed some heathers and heaths and a small cryptomeria because they got too big. The bed has acquired a desolate formless look in the winter. More evergreen subshrubs will help. And a Lonicera sempervirens 'Major Wheeler' which is a spectacular selection of a great native honeysuckle vine. Also a Sweet Betsy trillium, Trillium cuneatum.

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MulchMaid said...

When I looked up your Conradina verticillata 'Snowflake, it said 12-15 feet! (Here's the link: That doesn't sound like a low shrub to me...what am I missing. It looks lovely, though! Love the Trillium cuneatum.