Friday, October 29, 2010

We've got this cool unknown Ophiopogon by the stone bench in the middle of China Valley

I was crawling around on my belly, lifted the peripheral fringe of leaves and behold: lovely blue berries. I didn't just happen upon them though. I've been waiting my chance all year. I'd heard rumors the berries were pretty.

Look at that fine texture, a foliage effect unlike any other Ophiopogon or Liriope. It does look a bit like Liriope spicata, but the foliage is much finer and longer and the plants clump, they don't run. like other Ophiopogons, it's evergreen; it doesn't lose its leaves every spring before regrowing new ones. It's a very good garden plant.

It was wild collected in China in 1980 by the SABE, Sino-American Botanical Expedition, a group that included Ted Dudley of the USNA. We've grown it ever since.

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