Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cornus florida, Flowering dogwood, fall

The Crape myrtle in front of it's pretty nice too. If you look closely you can see foliage of Yucca rostrat just below the crown of the Dogwood. The Yucca has been in the ground over 25 years and is about 15 feet tall. It's an odd plant to see this far north; it looks, at first glance, like a palm tree. The winds that tore the banana leaves last night almost persuaded me to take down the giant wind chimes, but I relented. It was so cold that everyone's windows were closed and the wind itself was loud. In the winter without the damping effect of foliage, the sound penetrates anyway but last night, despite the crashing and clashing I couldn't even hear the chimes in the house.

I planted all the plants I've accumulated over the past few weeks including Anemone japonica? x 'Robustissima' and Tricyrtis sinonome that I bought today! I know better than to plant a Tricyrtis in this dry sand but hey!....they were beautiful and on sale.

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