Saturday, September 4, 2010

Okay, I give up. What is it?....Visiting new nurseries and revisiting familiar ones

Sometimes I don't find anything exciting, new, or unique; I usually buy something anyway. It's always possible that any nursery you visit might have the most excitingly beautiful unknown plant you've ever seen. Usually not. Still, once in a while something pop up. From time to time I bring something back to Brad either for his eclectic container plantings at the Arboretum, or for his personal collection. Usually a piece of the latter ends up at the Arboretum. Yes Brad, I did notice that there is a container made up just about entirely of things I've brought back from Florida. Sorry for not mentioning it. Anyway I got this plant in April and can't remember it's name. I didn't keep one so I don't have any records. I remember it had a funny repetitive name but that's not getting me anywhere. It's a large herbaceous tropical that is supposed to flower all summer. I don't monitor the containers as well as I ~2 inches across so it is impressive. I know that name will come back to me!

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