Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tony kept a pet Cicada for a few hours today until the noise drove everybody crazy

The nighttime chorus is a mixed bag but Cicadas are pretty much it during the day. We tend to think of the periodical species, particularly the 17 year cicadas, but there are over 2,000 species worldwide including a number of North American "annual cicadas". I think this guy is one of those, genus Tibicen; sometimes called the "dog-day" cicadas because they appear towards the end of summer. We can only hope! Temperatures are 10-15 degrees F above average this week. We're in the mid-90's again. And a hurricane is coming. But hey, it's a dry mid-90's and the only downside to that is the stalled High is allowing pollution to build up so today was a Code Red day for air pollution. Tomorrow and the next day will likely repeat. The good news is that relief cones with a cold front on Friday if it's able to make its way against the Category 4 Hurricane that's also scheduled to arrive Friday. It's been an exciting year.

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